Prof. Katherine A. Kim elevated to IEEE Senior Member

Prof. Katherine A. Kim was elevated to IEEE Senior Member, within the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), in July 2018. For IEEE Senior Member grade, the applicant can self-nominate or be nominated by someone else. If you have over 10 years of professional experience (graduate school counts as professional experience) and have significant performance over 5 years (usually as a professor or engineering professional), you can apply.

Prof. Kim is most active in the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS). She served as the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) Student Membership Chair in 2012-2013, PELS Member-At-Large for 2016-2018, and PELS Women In Engineering Co-Chair in 2018. Starting from 2017, she became an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics. Prof. Kim plans to continue contributing to the Power Electronics field through her researcheducational videos, and service to the power electronics community. She would like to thank all her advisers and mentors through the years for their guidance and support.