Research Focus

The PEARS Lab focuses power electronics, control, and modeling for applications related to renewable energy and sustainability. Our specific areas of interest and expertise are:

    • Photovoltaic Systems: PV Cell/Panel Modeling, MPPT Methods, Fault Diagnostics, DC-DC Converter Control, Inverter-Grid Interaction
    • Energy Harvesting for Wearables and Internet of Things: Photovoltaic Energy, Eletro-Magenetic Energy, Power Electronics Circuits, Power Management
    • Smart Grid: Distributed Renewable Sources, Power Curtailment, Inverter Reactive-Power Support, Photovoltaic System Monitoring
    • High Power Density Power Supplies: High Switching-Frequency Converters, Wide Band Gap Switches, High-Frequency Controllers
    • Energy Storage Systems: Power Management, Battery Charging, Sea-Water Batteries, Controller Development


Present Research Projects